It Was a Success!!!

Posted on Aug 29, 2022 by Brad Meyer

Brotherly love, relief, and truth are the keystones of Masonry.  We strive every day to practice those tenants to make ourselves, our families, and our community thrive.  Relief was on display during our recent Red Cross Blood Drive on August 20, where we turned over our masonic hall to the local Red Cross for our first ever, and definitely not last ever, blood drive sponsored by South Valley Lodge. It warmed my heart to see our hall used for such a noble purpose to help...

Red Cross Blood Drive

Posted on Aug 7, 2022 by Brad Meyer

What does it mean to save a life and become a superhero?  Some may think it’s wearing a cape and running into a burning building or jumping into a lake or river risking your own life to save a helpless victim.  Those are bold ways to save a life and may be the image you have in your mind.  But there are many ways to be a superhero and save a life that do not require a cape. One simple way is to donate blood.   According to the American Red Cross, someone...