Masons 4 Mitts

Posted on Apr 8, 2023 by Brad Meyer

Ah.  It’s April and Spring is in the air.  The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the air is crisp and clean after all the rain we’ve had to date.  Spring always puts a smile on my face for another reason as well.  The crack of the bat and the words “play ball” signals the start of baseball season.

I love baseball.  I have fond memories of going to the games with my father and my grandmother who was a huge baseball fan.  I loved playing catch with my dad who taught me the game.  I played baseball too, lots of baseball.  I know how baseball can teach you how to play (and work) as a team and learn many other life skills as well.  That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about our Masons 4 Mitts program.

Masons 4 Mitts was founded in 2009 by the Masons of California in affiliation with the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California and partners with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Anaheim Angels, the San Diego Padres, and my hometown team the San Francisco Giants, to raise money for the foundations that support children programs.  Through our efforts and donations these foundations give children with real leather baseball mitts and provide safe and fun places to play the game of baseball while they develop key collaboration skills, learn about health and nutrition, build productive study habits, and much more.

To date, the Masons 4 Mitts program has donated $1.78 million dollars to these foundations.  Last year alone, Northern California raised more than $123,000 in support of the Giants Community Fund’s Junior Giants program.  This year the goal is to break the $2 million mark state-wide, and we can do it with your help.

You can find out more about the programs and make a donation at

Masons 4 Mitts – Helping kids one mitt at a time.