It Was a Success!!!

Posted on Aug 29, 2022 by Brad Meyer

Brotherly love, relief, and truth are the keystones of Masonry.  We strive every day to practice those tenants to make ourselves, our families, and our community thrive. 

Relief was on display during our recent Red Cross Blood Drive on August 20, where we turned over our masonic hall to the local Red Cross for our first ever, and definitely not last ever, blood drive sponsored by South Valley Lodge.

It warmed my heart to see our hall used for such a noble purpose to help save lives here in the South Valley.  Our event exceeded the expectations of the Red Cross for donations with over one-quarter of the people walking through our door being first-time donors.  Some of those donors were our lodge brethren along with their wives and other members of the community visiting our hall for the first time. 

The Red Cross was impressed with our facility and our organization of the event, and they want to return as soon as possible to repeat the success of our drive.  Serving our community in this way is a hallmark of masonic service and it also lets the community know that we are here and helping.  We look forward to the Red Cross using our facility again and we have already started the planning process for our next blood drive event.

Major kudos to Brother Mike Zaborowski for organizing this first-ever event for us.  He did a great job in marshalling all the resources including the Boy Scouts and Cub Scout troops who lent a helping hand in all the setup and tear down logistics as well as moving all the Red Cross equipment.  Also, thank you to the brothers who came down to help with the oversight and logistics during the day of the blood drive.

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