May is Public Awareness Month

Posted on Apr 29, 2022 by Brad Meyer

May is Public Awareness month for the California Masonry and it’s a great time to get out in front of people and let them know we are here.  People need to be aware that the Masons are here and part of our community helping whenever we can.

This month, the lodge will work at the 41st annual Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras during Memorial Day weekend.  This is a yearly tradition for us where we help setup and tear down the festival and provide general assistance during the event.  It’s also a great opportunity for our lodge to show ourselves to the community.  Contact us if you willing and able to help us out during this great community event for the South Valley.

When you hear the term “public awareness” what comes to mind?  I bet you’re thinking about a large public outreach program with newspaper articles and press releases or getting on the evening news on TV or radio.  It can be all that, for sure.  However, public awareness can be as simple as talking about a topic to someone who wants to learn more about the subject.  And what better topic to discuss than Masonry.

What do you tell people when they ask you about Masonry?  There are the standard answers around “it’s a fraternal organization that takes good men and makes them better.”  That’s all well and good.  However, I think it’s better told from the heart.  What does your heart tell you about Masonry?  Tell that story to someone and I bet they listen more closely to what you have to say.

During the month of May, pick one person to discuss Masonry and what it is all about.  Answer their questions from the heart and raise public awareness one person at a time.