Calendar at a Glance

2020 - Happy New Year!

All events are at South Valley Lodge, #187,  unless noted otherwise

March, 2020

  • 5th - Family Dinner - 6:30 pm
  • 5th - Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm
  • 12th - 71st Annual Chicken Feed and Grand Master Visit - 6:30 pm
  • 19th - 2nd Degree Presentation - Cancelled
  • 22nd - Fellowship Smoker - San Jose Scottish Right  - Cancelled
  • 23rd - Temple Board Meeting - 6:30 pm - Via Phone Conference

April, 2020

  • 2nd - Family Dinner - 6:30 pm  Postponed until further notice
  • 2nd - Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm Postponed until further notice
  • 18th - Fellowship Smoker - South Valley Lodge
  • 21st - Officers Association Meeting @ Palo Alto #346 - 6:30 pm
  • 27th - Temple Board Meeting - 6:30 pm

May, 2020

June, 2020

  • 4th - Family Dinner - 6:30 pm
  • 4th - Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm
  • 14 - Fellowship Smoker @ the home of Brother Christopher Mays

Masonic Fellowship - February

Good morning Brethren,

First off, I can't thank Wors. Will enough for yet again hosting our January Get Together. Nearly 20 Brothers and friends arrived for an afternoon of Fellowship at The Gran Casa Montoya. Wors. Will is truly one of the greats!
That being said, the Second Masonic Get Together will again be hosted by Brother Chris Davis at West Coast Cigars. If you haven't been here yet, this place is a perfect spot for our Get Together's with an indoor smoking room, even a poker table. I am truly grateful Brother Chris and his father are opening up their establishment for us. The address is 1650 Almaden Rd. - San Jose, CA 95125.
As a reminder,  this is a “pot luck”, everyone is encouraged to bring something to share, however humble. There are some Brothers who continue to show up at the Get Together's and eat & drink what others bring, but never contribute anything themselves to the communal table. Even a bag of chips is welcomed. Some other good ideas are: Appetizer Trays (sushi, meatballs, shrimp, vegetables & dip, etc) Chips & Dip, Egg Rolls, BBQ items (meats, fish, sausages, chicken, etc) Sandwiches, Cheeses, Casseroles, Peanuts, Pizza, Salami, Salmon, Your own "Special" Creation, D
The festivities will start at 1:00 p.m., and will go until the last person is ready to leave, or until Chris throws us out! Spend an hour, or the whole afternoon. Engage in conversation. Isn't THIS a large part of what Masonry is all about -- being with your Brothers in Fellowship!! I know there are several of you who have been receiving this notice every month for years, and haven’t been to one of these gatherings. Take the plunge! Come & see what it’s all about. Then, if you decide it’s not for you, at least you’ll have given it a try! And, if you have someone you know who may be interested in Masonry, these Get Together's are a PERFECT place to let them meet the Brothers and visa versa. So far this year, we have had SEVERAL men who attended a Get Together, and later submitted an application to one of our Lodges! From its humble beginning, we now have a monthly multi Lodge event that draws Masons and Guests from all over the Bay Area!! And we’ve been doing it since 2000!!!
Important Note -- If you know any Brother who has email and wasn't copied on this memo, PLEASE feel free to pass it along, or let me know. For those Brothers you know who don't have email -- tell them in person or on the phone. And - if you know someone who would like to come but can't drive -- offer them a ride.
So, mark your calendars NOW and plan on joining us on Sunday, February 16th. If you have any questions, give me a call.
If you would like to host a future Get Together, please let me know! This way I and the other Lodges can publish the date, time and place in their Trestleboard so those Brothers without email can get the word!
Upcoming Get Together's:
February 16th - Bro. Chris Davis (West Coast Cigars)
March - Host needed
April - Host Needed

Jason Hawkinson-Prater
408-712-2913 (cell)